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Dog Training

In Home Private Lessons

Off Leash Obedience is a dog training service that offers high-quality, comprehensive training in your own home. Our certified trainers work one-on-one with you and your dog to create a customized training program that caters specifically to your dog's unique needs and temperament. Potty Training a puppy?  Have a dog that jumps or pulls on leash? We can even help your dog become the best Emotional Support Dog he can be!  Ask us about Service Dog task training to transform your furry friend into a helper when you are in need.

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience

Looking for a convenient and personalized way to introduce your pup to training? Our In Home Private Lessons will provide you with a tailored program to meet the needs of you and your dog. With four one-hour private sessions, you'll receive expert guidance and support from our experienced trainers. The best part? We come to you, so your furry friend can feel comfortable and at ease in their own home.

Basic Obedience:

  • Sit, Down and Stay

  • Leash Walking

  • Come When Called




Advanced Training

Discover the benefits of our In-Home Private Lessons designed to take your furry friend's behavior to the next level. Our 8-week full package goes beyond the basics, teaching your dog advanced skills. Our personalized approach ensures that your pet will thrive in their own environment, making training easier and more effective.

Advanced Training Options

  • Advanced Obedience

  • Emotional Support Training

  • Intro to Service Tasks





Are you tired of dealing with your dog's bad behavior? Book an hour-long private lesson with me, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, to take the first step towards a well-trained pup. During our initial consultation, we'll discuss your goals and create a personalized training plan that works for you and your furry friend.

Single Issue Consultation:

  • Customized Intro Lesson

  • Potty Training

  • Recall



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