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Education Vacation

Boarding and Training in one convenient package!  Professional dog training where your pup stays and trains in the home of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.  Packages include in home private lessons to teach you what your dog has learned and the end of the program!

Student Package

Student Package

Our Board and Train program is a great option for busy dog owners who want their furry friend to receive quality training. With a 2 week program that includes 3 In Home Private Lessons, we provide a comprehensive approach to canine obedience. Our Certified Professional Dog Trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to make the learning process enjoyable and effective for your dog.

Basic Obedience:

  • Sit, Down, Stay

  • Leash Walking

  • Potty Training

  • Puppy Behaviors



Scholar Package

Scholar Package

Looking to take your dog’s training to the next level? Our 4 Week Board and Train program is just what you need. With a focus on distance, distraction, and duration, your furry friend will learn everything they need to become a better-behaved canine companion. Plus, we'll include 3 in-home private lessons to reinforce the training and make sure you're on board with everything your dog has learned.

Behavioral Training:

  • Advanced Obedience

  • Real Life Training

  • Field Trips 

  • Socialization with Dogs and People



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